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        Item Number:    TH-AUD4
        1. Set the power switch off, when the LED off. Plug the surge protector into a standard grounding wall receptacle by fully inserting the plug and ensure that there are no exposed conductors.
        2. Make sure electronic equipment is turned off before plugging into the surge protector outlets. Do not use extension cords to connect equipment to the surge protector.
        3. Set the power switch to the “ON” position. The surge protector will now be providing power and surge protection.
        4. Connected equipment can now be turned on.
        5. The on/off switch controls the power to all four AC outlets.
        Description:  4 Socket Surge Protected Power Board 
        Rating:  Rating: 10A / 240V / 2400W / 50Hz
        Outlets:  4
        Joule Rating:  175J
        USB Ports:  4
        USB Output:  NA
        Surge Protected LEDs: Yes
        Response Time:  <1 nanosecond

        Product Description:
        4 Outlet Power Board with Master Switches - Surge & Overload Protected - Surge Protector
        This power board converts a single AC outlet to 4 extra AC outlets. It is equipped with both surge and overload protection to keep your connected devices safe. protects your electronic devices connected to the AC outlets from dangerous power surges, spikes, lightning strikes, and AC contamination. 

        • Certification: SAA  
        • 4 Grounded Outlets surge protection power board, fulfill all your power needs.
        • Surge protected: 175Joules
        • Master on/off switches
        • 1m/2m/3m...Power cord puts power where you need it.
        • 10A Resettable circuit-breaker for easy recovery from an overload.
        • With mounting channels allow you to securely anchor to walls or furnitures.
        • Includes easy grip plug, Tangle-free cord.
        • The designer cable and right angle plug brings a new level of style and convenience to your home or office.
        • Ideal for small appliances and general household use
        • Response time: Less than 1 nanosecond
        • Device Type: Surge protector - external
        • Input Voltage: AC
        • Input Connectors: 1 x power Australian 3-pin
        • Output connectors: 4 x 3 pin power connector
        • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 year warranty
        • Color:White / Black
        • Max Electric Current: 10 A
        • Surge Suppression: Yes
        • Surge Energy Rating: 175Joules
        • Cables Included: Power cable - integrated
        • Features: 1 x on/off switch, overload protection
        • Service & Support: Limited warranty - 3 year
        Check the blue “Surge Protected” indicator light periodically. Blue indicator light signals devices are surge protected. If the blue “Surge Protected” indicator light stops glowing, the surge protective components have expired — though power will still be supplied to the outlets, now unprotected. To ensure the protection of your electronics, the surge protector should be replaced.
        Designed and certified to Australian standards

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