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        Trailing Socket
        Trailing Socket


        Item Number:   TH-UK04U3 Instructions:
        1. Set the power switch to the “OFF” position. Plug the Extension Socket into a standard grounding wall receptacle by fully inserting the plug and ensure that there are no exposed conductors.
        2. Make sure electronic equipment is turned off before plugging into the Extension Socket outlets. Do not use extension cords to connect equipment to the Extension Socket.
        3. Set the power switch to the “ON” position. The Extension Socket will now be providing power.
        4. Connected equipment can now be turned on.
        5. The on/off switch controls the power to all six AC outlets. If overloaded, "reset' by switching off then back on again.
        Description:    Extension Leads 4 sockets 3 USB
        Rating:  Rating: 13A / 250V / 3250W / 50-60Hz
        Outlets:   4
        Joule Rating:  NA
        USB Ports:   3
        USB Output:  5V / 3.1A / 15.5W
        Surge Protected LEDs:  NA
        Response Time:  <1 nanosecond

        USB Charging
        • 3.1 Amp total output allows you to charge up to one tablet or 3 smartphones at full capacity at the same time. Recharge your device at a maximum speed of 3.1 Amp when connected to a single port.
        • Charge up to 1 tablet or 3 smartphones at full capacity at the same time
        • The USB ports are used to charge portable electronic devices only. There is no data transfer capability.

        Master Switched
        This Master Switch allows you to turn on or turn off of the 4 sockets and 3 USB at the same time, easy to control the devices.

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