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        Wireless Charging
        Wireless Charging


        Item Number:    TH-WC02U Instructions:
        1. Electrical shock hazard: Risk of fire, injury or death if used incorrectly or for purposes other than intended.
        2. This product is designed for indoor use only.
        3. Do not use this product near heat sources like heaters, radiators, stoves or other appliances that produce heat.
        4. Do not use or store this product near water, such as wet areas, filled containers or anywhere else where moisture may be present.
        5. Do not use any chemicals for cleaning. Wipe clean with a soft cloth as required.
        6. Do not let water enter the unit.
        7. Keep away from chemicals and flammable substances.
        8. Do not use the product if it has a damaged cord or plug.
        9. Before using the Wireless Charging Pad, ensure that it is compatible with your device. Avoid placing any foreign objects on the Wireless Charging Pad at any time.
        10. Do not use frayed or damaged charging cables.
        11. Do not dispose of this product in fire; do not incinerate or directly cause short circuit.
        12. Unplug this product during a lightning storm or when left unused for a long period of time.
        13. No user-serviceable parts inside! Do not disassemble.
        14. This product is not a toy! Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the product.
        Description:  2-Outlet Wireless Charging Station, 2 USB
        Rating:  Rating: 13A / 250V / 3250W / 50-60Hz
        Outlets:  2
        Joule Rating:   NA
        USB Ports:   2
        USB Output:  5V / 3.5A / 17.5W
        Wireless Charging Output:
        • Up to 5W
        • Up to 10W (for Samsung wireless-charging phones)
        • Up to 7.5W (for iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 ...)
        Response Time:  <1 nanosecond

        Notes for Using the Wireless Charging Pad :
        • Before using the Wireless Charging Pad, ensure that your device is capable of being charged wirelessly.
        • Avoid placing any foreign objects on the Wireless Charging Pad at any time.
        • Wireless charging may not work properly if your device has a thick case or if there’s anything else between your phone and the charger.
        1. Plug the wireless charger into a standard mains socket (see Technical Specifications for details on power source). The Status Light turns on red. 
        1. To charge your device, simply place it centred on the Wireless Charging Pad (soft-touch ring).  The status light turns blue to show that the device has started charging. If the device is not charging, the status light continues to be red.
        Note: If any foreign metallic object is detected on the Wireless Charging Pad, the status light flashes red and blue.

        Using the USB ports and mains outlets
        1. If you want to charge a device via charging cable, connect your mobile devices to the USB output ports using the devices’ USB charging cables (not supplied).
        Note: Maximum combined output from the USB ports is 3.5A.
        1. If using the mains outlets, connect mains-powered devices to the mains outlets as desired.
        Warning: Do not exceed the total max. load 13A, 250V, 3250W.

        1. Wireless charging doesn’t work as expected
        • Ensure the wireless charger is plugged in and mains power turned on.
        • Make sure the device you want to charge is capable of being charged wirelessly.
        • Make sure the device is centred on the wireless charger’s soft rubbery ring.
        • If you mount your phone magnetically, ensure the metal plate behind your phone is positioned away from the wireless charging coils.
        • Make sure that your phone case does not contain magnets.
        • If the network signal is weak in your area, your device will be constantly searching for a stronger signal. This consumes battery power and could slow down the charging process. 
        1. USB charging is slow
        • The total output available from the USB ports is 3.5A. Charging speed may be affected if you have connected devices that are capable of drawing more than that.

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