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        8 Way Surge Protector
        8 Way Surge Protector


        tem Number:   TH-EU08T Instructions:
        1. Set the power switch to the “OFF” position. Plug the surge protector into a standard grounding wall receptacle by fully inserting the plug and ensure that there are no exposed conductors.
        2. Make sure electronic equipment is turned off before plugging into the surge protector outlets. Do not use extension cords to connect equipment to the surge protector.
        3. Set the power switch to the “ON” position. The surge protector will now be providing power and surge protection.
        4. Connected equipment can now be turned on.
        5. The on/off switch controls the power to all six AC outlets. If overloaded, "reset' by switching off then back on again.
        Description:  Schuko Surge Protector 8 sockets 
        Rating:  Rating: 16A / 250V 
        Outlets:  8
        Joule Rating:  3600J
        USB Ports:   NA
        Telephone Socket : Yes
        Surge Protected LEDs: Yes
        Response Time:  <1 nanosecond

        3600J Surge protection, protects your valuable equipment from damaging surges and spikes.
        This Surge Protected Extension Leads is perfect for the family home and office use, with four socket and four USB, allows you to plug eight items safely together. With one or two or four metres of cable, this product protects valuable electrical equipment from surges and spikes. With a power indicator and a surge indicator help to show you that you equipment are connected and protected.

        Master Switched
        Master Switched Surge Protector allows you to turn on or turn off the power of eight socket at once , easy to control the devices.
        NOTE: Check the red “Surge Protected” indicator light periodically. Red indicator light signals devices are surge protected. If the red “Surge Protected” indicator light stops glowing, the surge protective components have expired — though power will still be supplied to the outlets, now unprotected. To ensure the protection of your electronics, the surge protector should be replaced.

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